• Live From The Hotel Edison

    The Susanna Bowling-hosted panel, Live From The Hotel Edison Times Square Chronicles Presentsfeatured a panel of four accomplished women entrepreneurs sharing their journeys and insights. The event celebrated female empowerment, resilience, and the importance of giving back to the community. Prominent fashion designer and artist, Shani Grosz, discussed her experience navigating the challenges of the fashion industry, particularly during the pandemic. She emphasizes the importance of resilience, following one's dreams, and not letting success or failure define oneself. — Watch it now!
  • Inside the Fashion World with Shani Grosz

    Delve into Shani Grosz's career in fashion, which showcases her dedication to creating designs that empower women. With over 20 years of experience, Grosz is known for her innovative, flattering fashion pieces and her influence in the industry. She recently expanded her creativity by launching a fine jewelry line. The piece highlights her philosophy of fashion as wearable art and her collections' popularity among high-end retailers and celebrities.

  • It Was A Saltburn Midsummer Night’s Dream...

    Shani Grosz concluded Fashion Week with a theatrical "Saltburn Midsummer Night’s Dream" at the Copacabana, blending Moulin Rouge elements with circus vibes. The event featured performances and a star-studded audience including olympic figure skater, Gracie Gold. Grosz's feminine designs, rich in luxurious fabrics like feathers, beading, and Swarovski crystals, are known for their flattering fits and celebrated for their timeless elegance.

  • The Shani Collection Makes Every Woman Feel Like a Star

    Founder of Shani Collection, designs elegant and flattering dresses that make women, including actresses and TV news anchors, feel confident and comfortable. Her timeless designs, created twice a year, emphasize quality and lasting appeal over fast fashion. Drawing inspiration from global trends and her Modern Orthodox background, Grosz incorporates unique elements like feathers and appliqués into her wearable art. Loyal customers praise her versatile pieces, perfect for various occasions. Grosz is also expanding her brand with new lines for wedding guests and fine jewelry, continuing her mission to make every woman feel fabulous.
  • Shani Grosz: Absolutely Fabulous

    Shani Grosz, the creative force behind SHANI Collection empowers women through her elegant, inclusive designs. With over 20 years of experience, she's known for her flattering, timeless dresses and vibrant personality. Her New York showroom reflects her chic aesthetic, attracting high-profile clients. Shani recently expanded her brand with luxury eveningwear and fine jewelry, emphasizing fashion as wearable art. Her commitment to making women feel fabulous has earned her critical acclaim and a loyal following.
  • Party in the Hamptons

    Over the weekend, two high-profile events took place in the Hamptons. Polo Hamptons hosted a polo match and cocktail party at the Fishel estate, drawing over 900 guests, including model Christie Brinkley and dress designer Shani Grosz. The event, organized by Social Life magazine, featured sponsors like BMW and luxury brands offering cabanas. Meanwhile, the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton held a benefit with a "Midsummer Dream" theme, honoring artists and authors. The event included dinner, auctions, and dancing, marking a return after pandemic restrictions.
  • A Fashion Mogul’s Success Story

    The founder of the SHANI Collection is celebrated for her elegant, inclusive designs that empower women of all shapes and sizes. Her background as a Modern Orthodox Jew instilled in her a sense of community and humility, which she incorporates into her business ethos. Shani's dresses, popular among celebrities and everyday women, are designed to make wearers feel confident and beautiful by tackling common insecurities. Her success is attributed to her perseverance, creativity, and a philosophy that "everything happens for a reason." Shani continues to expand her brand with new ventures in fine jewelry and evening wear.
  • The Vanguard of America's New Fashion Vernacular

    Founder of SHANI Collection, is celebrated for her dedication to creating elegant, timeless dresses that empower women. Her designs, worn by celebrities and TV anchors, blend classic fashion with modern practicality. Grosz, who grew up in a Modern Orthodox home, incorporates luxurious fabrics, unique appliqués, and a feminine aesthetic into her collections. Her commitment to making women feel confident extends beyond fashion to include a supportive and inclusive approach. With plans to launch new lines for wedding guests and fine jewelry, Grosz continues to expand her influence in the fashion industry while staying true to her values and artistic vision.