Like Botox For Your Body

Finding that perfect holiday dress can add even more stress to the busy season. You want it to be festive, sophisticated, and cling in all the right places, but sometimes you might need a little extra help from shapewear. Now instead of breaking the bank on two new things and forcing them to work, there’s a brand out there that makes dresses with shapewear already built in. #Genius.

NUE by Shani works for women of all sizes and is popular from 2 up to 14. Celebs like Chelsea Handler, Wendy Williams and Amber Riley have been spotted in the new designs, which cost from $179 to $340. Founder Shani Grosz told the New York Post, “It’s like Botox for your body.” And the best part? No ugly granny panties underneath. Click through the slideshow below to see some of our faves.


Written by Erica Murphy. Source: She Finds

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