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The legendary poet and activist, Maya Angelou, once wrote, “Nothing succeeds like success. Get a little success, and then just get a little more.” These words that project the message of how triumphs come in waves of progress seems to perfectly sum up the illustrious career of Shani Grosz.

Words like this sing out like a perfectly composed anthem for the distinguished fashion designer who boasts an impressive resume sprinkled with over two decades of experience and titles that easily establish her as a leading authority in women’s wear. She is renowned for advancing the needs and wants of women when it comes to dresses that allow them to feel as fabulous as they look.

As her website brilliantly describes: “The Shani Collection is synonymous with flattering, flirty, feminine looks that do the heavy lifting through use of color blocking and tailoring tricks. These result in the perfect silhouette and shape, which is exactly what the multifaceted modern woman needs to take on the world. If confidence was a dress, it would no doubt be designed by Shani.”

Grosz’s admirable work has captured the meaning of success time and time again, certainly not from sheer luck, but rather determination, hard work and willpower. To meet her grants the privilege of being able to fully absorb her magnificent force.

She has blazed her own impressive trail – one that includes designer and stylist mixed with a little bit of networking pizzazz and empowering friendship synergy. Born and raised in New York City to South American parents, Grosz early on dreamed of working in fashion. As a child she would redesign new dresses and let her artistic skills evolve. She would rework them with nothing more than a vision and a pair of kitchen scissors.

The budding fashion designer grew in age and gained scholarly knowledge when she was admitted to the notable Parsons School of Design. It was on these hallowed grounds in the heart of Manhattan where she thrived. With hard work and a tenacious appetite, she established herself as an important and internationally recognized designer. Her main collection is sold at Saks and Nordstrom with Focus by Shani available at Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th and Kohl’s.

Grosz’s work is the bold pop of color that is so needed in our modern world. News anchors, Broadway stars, television personalities and many in the entertainment industry flock to her atelier. The dream of a perfect dress for them comes true as easily as to her thousands of customers around the globe. Her company proudly proclaims, “We shape the women who shape your life.” It applies to the stars who wear her unique frocks who find themselves on the public pedestal, but it is the motto for the women in the real world who wear her gowns and dresses like a badge of honor.

To walk in a Shani is to be elevated in a world of empowerment and positivity.

As president and lead designer of the dazzling Shani Collection, she has won many prestigious awards for her well executed vision of “wearable art.” With logic and a deep fundamental understanding of what women truly love when it comes to fashion, Grosz’s designs reflect emotions of feeling free and comfortable in your skin.

Entering the pantheon among trailblazers, she simply bears the incredible chemistry that is full of fun, and perfectly permits her groundbreaking work to be beautifully different. The fresh approach has her crowned as queen and she proudly sits on that throne of women’s apparel in New York City and around the planet.

“It’s so much more than just designing pretty dresses,” she reflects about those who frequent her showroom for fittings before big appearances on television programs and red carpets. “I am invested in their lives and cheering them on from the sidelines. I am also a friend…. I’m on the roller coaster ride with them – their highs, their lows. And we celebrate the successes together like friends do. Having this community really does mean a lot to me.”

As an innovator, the designer breaks the rules because she can. Leading the way in her own style is something she has done since her early days of dressing her childhood fantasies. She wanted her life to be something that really mattered to fashion lovers and made her search for deeper meaning.

“The truth is that I design to make women feel secure,” she says.

Known for this vivacious energy and fearless appetite for inspirational hope, a gravitational pull led her to the next level with her current collection that officially launched during New York Fashion Week. During her “A Saltburn Midsummer Night’s Dream,” hundreds of guests gathered to celebrate and honor her endeavors. Mingling in the well-healed crowd were the likes of bronze medalist Olympic figure skater, Gracie Gold, along with singer Rhonda Ross. Even big-name media personalities were there including anchors and journalists George Whipple, Rita Cosby, Lisa Rozner, Audrey Puente, and Astra.

On the runway, models were met with a theme of wonderland in the fashion realm. Luxurious velvets and whimsical patterns blended with fabulous florals at the dreamy affair.

Always creating and being innovative, she aims to always have amazing products for women. “As we evolve, the product has to evolve with it,” the designer states about the future. “Right now, we’re branching out. Next, I’m even launching a fine jewelry collection.”

The charismatic entrepreneur is only just beginning, and that next elevated level of success sits around the corner. It’s the bold dash of ingenuity and pop of sensational color that forever has her seeing the pot of gold at the end of the fashion world rainbow.

For more information, please visit and check out Instagram @shanidress.official.


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