Why Not Try an Entire Dress Made Out of Spanx?

Like the airplane’s black box, body-shaping undergarments are a feat of modern engineering with an inherent paradox. If the magic material in Spanx makes your butt look that good, the thinking goes, why don’t they just make entire garments out of it? Now some women are, according to the New York Post. It’s not too late to procure a Thanksgiving-bulge-accommodating dress from NUE by Shani. Founder Shani Grosz calls the shapewear dress line, which is favored by Chelsea Handler and Wendy Williams, “Botox for your body.” Or there’s Project Gravitas, a line of dresses named for famous women — the Indira, the Jacqueline — and designed to spare you the indignity of another, fictional woman. “You don’t want to have the ‘Bridget Jones’ moment of, ‘Oh my God, I’m wearing absolutely enormous panties!’” founder Lisa Sun, a former McKinsey consultant, told the Post. Sadly, the black box material is still way too heavy to fly.


Written by Kat Stoeffel. Source: The Cut

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