Shani Grosz / Designer

Shani Grosz knows a thing or two about great dress design. For over 20 years she’s been offering women what they really want: dresses that allow women to feel as fabulous as they look. The Shani collection is synonymous with flattering, flirty, feminine looks that do the heavy lifting through use of color blocking and tailoring tricks. These result in the perfect silhouette and shape, which is exactly what the multifaceted modern woman needs to take on the world. If confidence was a dress, it would no doubt be designed by Shani.

Shani’s message is clear: See the dress but FOCUS on the woman.

Born and raised in New York to South American parents, Shani’s destiny as a designer was apparent early on. As a little girl, she’d take brand new dresses, so new they still had the hang tags on, and rework them with nothing more than a vision and a pair of kitchen scissors. Inevitably this led Shani, a budding fashion designer on a razor straight path to Parson’s School of Design where she established herself as an important and internationally recognized designer.   

With over 2 decades as the President and Designer of SHANI Collection, she has won many prestigious awards for her well executed vision of “wearable art.”

Her Nue by Shani label which pioneered the concept of hidden shapewear built into dresses and finally offered busy women what they’d been missing—magical, transformative dresses that did all of the heavy lifting, allowing them to confidently get on with their careers. News anchors, Broadway stars, television personalities and many more in the entertainment industry flocked to Shani, the woman who was known for offering “Botox for the body”. The professional masses were hooked on a brand whose message was clear:  “We shape the women who shape your life”.

To know Shani is to know that she is a girl’s girl, so it’s only logical that her designs are about feeling free, and comfortable in your skin.  Shani designs are like the perfect little black dress –something every woman needs in her wardrobe that she can always count on to let her look her best.