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It feels like everywhere you look, Scandinavian design is having a moment; the crisp, clean lines, modern appeal, and easy-to-appreciate functionality are a triple threat. But it’s not only in the design world that Nordic style is on top—some of this year’s hottest travel trends have found their home up north as well.


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Cool Digs

Scandinavia is known for being a hotspot of innovation, and you can find some of the travel world’s most unique accommodations with Nordic Luxury, a boutique travel group catering to tailor-made Nordic travel. From glass-roof igloos and treehouses in Finland to arctic glamping in Iceland and loggers’ lodges in Sweden, these are anything but your standard hotel experience.


Photo Credit: Hidden Doorways / Nordic Luxury


Bucket List Experiences

The Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) are the experience of a lifetime; but you need to get organized if you expect to see them! Spots beyond the Arctic Circle, like Tromsø, Norway and Reykjavik, Iceland, are prime viewing spots. The months between September and April, when these areas experience long winter nights, will give you the best chance of getting some lights action! Don’t ignore these areas during the summer though—the two-month-long “Midnight Sun” in Lapland means that forests, flowers, and plants get all the sunlight they need to be at their most gorgeous. Just don’t plan on renting out a glass-ceiling igloo if you want to get any shuteye…


Photo Credit: Hidden Doorways / Nordic Luxury


Foodie Paradise

It’s time to jump on the Nordic cuisine train. Besides being home to noma, named the “Best Restaurant in the World” four times, Copenhagen is full to the brim with trendy spots offering the latest in gourmet Scandinavian food. Kødbyens Fiskebar in trendy Vesterbro is listed in the Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2017 and features seafood and other Nordic staples in a more relaxed environment. And don’t forget to try smørrebrød, Danish open-faced sandwiches traditionally served on rye bread topped with local ingredients.


Photo Credit: Claire Riley


Stylish Surroundings

Scandinavia has long been a haven for clean and modern design lovers. Helsinki’s upscale Esplanadi area or Copenhagen’s hip Vesterbro neighborhood are sure to satisfy all your fashion and design needs, while Scandinavia also has a seemingly unending supply of more traditional purchases. Try Ullarselið in Hvanneyri, Iceland to browse through natural Icelandic wool products, or Arctic Glass in Arvidsjaur, Sweden for items with Sami-inspired designs. And don’t forget to get lost a little bit—you never know what you’ll find!

Photo Credit: Hidden Doorways / Nordic Luxury


Simona Cassius is President and Founder of Prana Journeys, specializing in luxury and wellness travel for families, groups and solo travelers all over the world - 



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